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Date: 25 February 2020

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our second edition of TPV Newsletter!

We have added some great new products. Check them out below!

Bamboo Hairbrushes: Eco friendly and naturally biodegradable. Available in large and travel sizes.

We finally have Radius Source Toothbrushes (soft) back in stock in all three handle materials (wood, flax and US Dollars). In addition, we now have Radius Source Toothbrushes with medium heads (available in wood only). Soft Replacements Heads are still in stock, with Medium Replacement Heads available in October. 

Don't forget we have a full range of Preserve Razors and replacement blades. We have all colours in stock, including the very popular pink! 

We have added to our oral care range with some Riddells Creek favourites:

Toothpastes (available in Mint, Lemon and Herbal), Mouthwash  (available in Mint), and Mouth Freshener .

Shave Gels: We have been asked to stock palm oil free shave gels and they are finally here. Available in Lavender and Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree and Mint and Citrus. 

Last but not least, we know how hard it is to find palm-oil free soap bars, so we now stock Coconut Soaps (organic and available in 4 scents)

Have you heard?

The Vegan Era Crew have put together an Australia-wide Vegan Card  This is an exclusive Vegan card, that will connect the community to as many Vegan friendly businesses as possible! It offers some great offers and savings. The Personal Vegan are offering a 10% discount to members of the Vegan Card! To sign up click here

Palm Oil 101:

A commonly used emulsifier (E471) used in many different foods, such as store processed breads, can contain palm oil. Contact the manufacturer to find out the source of their 471. Alternatively bake your own bread or buy your bread from a local baker.

Source: Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia

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Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far.

TPV Team 




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