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Sliquid Organic Oceanics

Produced by Sliquid

Sliquid Oceanics is the newest addition to the Organics family of products, and takes the infusion of organic botanicals to a whole new level with the addition of extracts of the sea.   

  • Blended with natural seaweed extracts that heal and support the body
  • Glycerine and paraben free
  • Free of propylene glycol & glycerol 
  • Ph balanced neutral 

Size: 125ml

Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Alfalfa*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Carrageenan*, Nori*, Wakame*, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits)    

$25.00 $22.50 Save 10%
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