Personal Vegan Shop
What makes our products good?


We endevour to stock products that are made from recycled materials, are BPA free and are manufactured with limited rescource usage. Many of our products are reusable and contribute to very little waste. Further, where possible, we source products from local manufacturer and suppliers. However, part of our goal is to provide a greater choice of quality product to Australians - unfortunately this means having to source some products from offshore. We are very mindful of the resouces in transportation and attempt to take minimising and counteracting measures.    

Animal & Vegan Friendly

All of our products are 100% cruelty free & vegan. We do not stock any products that contain animal, or animal by-product, ingredients - this includes Oil Palm and its derivatives. Further, our products are not tested on animals.   


We only stock products that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins such as Fluoride, Parabens, SLS and BPA.    


The Personal Vegan is a fundraising business initiative which endeavours to help fund film projects that seek to benefit animals, the environment and humans. Profits from the sale of these products will go towards initiating independent film ventures. To find out more read our About us page.


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